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Cabbages and Kings

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Renee Maris
14 May 1960
Rei says, F.O.!

"I am not a doll..." - Rei Ayanami

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I am, among other things, a former WDW Cast Member, an animation historian, a Beatle head, a practicing witch, and a male to female transexual. This journal is used specifically to examine my issues, discoveries and small victories. And occasionally bitch.

I fluctuate between being very silly and very deep (in a 3am-at-Denny's sort of way). You have been warned.

Feel free to friend me, if you'd like. If you do, and you'd like me to friend you, just drop me a note or comment. Reminding me where we met and who you are is always appreciated, as I am often a Bear of Very Little Brain. Thanks!

Thanks to peaces_icons for the mood theme. It's Disneyrific!

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Stitch is Love

Stitch is Love.

"classic" rock, 80s music, absurdity, alan moore, animation, anime, anime music videos, babylon 5, barenaked ladies, being a girl, ben & jerry's, billy joel, bisexuality, boyish girls, bruce cockburn, bullwinkle, butch/femme, butches, cartoons, catgirls, cats, charles de lint, charles delint, chocolate, coffee, collecting movies, comic books, comics, compassion, creativity, curls, discordianism, disney, doctor who, dvd, eddie izzard, elves, enchanted, equality, estrogen, evangelion, executive transvestites, fae, fantasy, femmeslash, femslash, feri, firstborn, gael baudino, geek girls, gender, glbt, gorillaz, gossamer axe, graphic novels, harlan ellison, harley quinn, hayao miyazaki, heroic fantasy, ideas, introspection, iphone, japan, jay and silent bob, johnny depp, kate bush, keyboard, labyrinth, liberty meadows, looney tunes, love, macintosh, making dvds, manga, marx brothers, megatokyo, mel brooks, melissa etheridge, mermaids, metropolis, miyazaki, monty python, movies, mst3k, mtf, munchkin, muppets, musicals, negima!, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, nerd grrrls, nightmare before christmas, oblique humor, ocean, oingo boingo, paradox, peter david, phoenix, photography, piano, pirates, pizza, ps2, puns, r.o.d., recording video, revolutionary girl utena, sailor mercury, sailor neptune, sailor uranus, sandman, scrooge mcduck, shakespeare, shojo manga, songwriting, soundtracks, stitch, sub space, tenchi muyo, the beatles, the blues, the producers, the sandman, the who, three caballeros, trance, transgender, transitioning, transsexuality, tvuuc, unitarian universalism, used book stores, video, vworp vworp!, walt disney world, weird al, weirdness, witchcraft, women's mysteries, woody allen, writing, yuri, ♀♀